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Why are comments effective?

Comments are effective because not only do you give the writer effective feedback, but you are also able to get more people to visit your blog! The author of the post will see your comment and might visit your blog, and when the comment is published, other people will be able to see it too- this could lead to more visitors on your blog! Comments give good feedback to the author, whether it be about something they could improve, or suggestions for other posts.

Comments are also nice because they can make the writer feel good about themselves, and can tell them about what they’ve done well with.

Overall, commenting can help the author of the post you’re commenting on, and can help you, too.

Thanks for reading my blog!



What different colours make you feel

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Different colours are known for making people feel different emotions and can help people understand what other are like.

Some of these are:







Due to being associated with fire and blood, the colour red is thought to make people feel powerful and strong. It is also thought to represent anger and love.



The colour orange is thought to make people feel enthusiastic, happy and energetic. Although it is a warm colour, it is not as strong as red and can also represent success or encouragement.


The colour blue is known to make people peaceful and calm, and can represent trust, which is why it is use on so many websites- the colour makes us feel trusting.


Despite the fact that the colour green is commonly used to represent jealousy, it makes people calm and peaceful.



The colour purple can represent elegance and spirituality. This means that website that use this colour are more likely to look high-end.




My Widgets

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I have added several widgets to my blog, for different reasons.

The widgets that I’ve added are:

  • A calendar
  • A revolver map so it is easy to see who is visiting my blog
  • My recent posts so it is easy to see my last five posts.
  • A search bar, used to search for posts.
  • A¬†Google search bar
  • A widget to show the last 10 blogs from my class

These widgets are all useful, especially the search bars, because they allow you to find certain pages/posts/websites efficiently, which will make my blog easier to use.

Next I would like to add a widget to show my most popular posts, so they are easier to find.

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